Judy Darcy grills province about Princeton man’s cancer care

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The plight of a Princeton man waiting months for cancer treatment, sparked a heated debate in the in the B.C. legislature Tuesday. Fred Cosman, 47, waited months to see a dermatologist about a rash on his nose. It turned out to be lymphoma. However, even after that diagnosis, while tumors grow across is nose, he has been unable to get in for treatment.

Global Okanagan interviewed Cosman last week. Within 24 hours of our story airing on Friday, the B.C. Cancer Agency contacted Cosman’s family. He now has an appointment in Kelowna on Wednesday.

Tuesday his case was raised by the opposition New Democrats in the legislature. The B.C. NDP’s health critic, Judy Darcy, asked Health Minister Terry Lake to explain why Cosman waited so long for treatment. Lake pointed out that the Princeton man now has an appointment.

“After his story aired on TV he finally finally got a call,” replied Darcy. “Why do British Columbians have to rely on headlines in order to get the treatment that they need?”

“We rely on health care professionals to make clinical judgments, to do the necessary tests [and] to carry out the procedures that are necessary to ensure that people remain healthy,” said Lake. “The gentleman was seeing his family physician, was referred to a specialist and now has been referred to the B.C. Cancer Agency. Honorable speaker, skin problems, cancer problems, any kind of health problems are not necessarily easy to solve or solvable in question period. We rely on health professionals to make these decisions and we are ensuring that this particular patient has the health care that he needs to ensure a full recovery.”