Seismic upgrades needed at Richard McBride and FW Howay (and NWSS!)

chalkboardI’m alarmed by the Minister of Education’s recent announcement that children in BC schools may have to wait more than a decade to learn in earthquake-safe schools. Nothing is more important than keeping our children safe. That’s why I’m deeply concerned about the lack of urgency and clarity coming from the BC Liberal government regarding the seismic upgrading of New Westminster schools that are designated as high-risk.

New Westminster parents and students deserve answers from the Education Minister and the Premier. During the 2013 election, the Premier was emphatic about the need to seismically upgrade our schools. Premier Christy Clark said, “Absolutely nothing is more important than keeping our kids safe.”

It would appear that the Premier now believes it’s acceptable for our children to have to wait another decade before seismic upgrades are completed. Because of this government’s delays, kids who are now in Kindergarten may graduate from high school before their schools are seismically safe. This is not acceptable.

New Westminster Secondary School has also been designated as high-risk which is exactly why its rebuild must be an urgent priority for the government.